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Happywheels Game

Happywheels Game

Happy Wheels is a flash game based on rag dolls. Its main goal is to reach the finish line without being 'killed' or gored by the many obstacles and dangerous hazards in the game. A player can control many different characters. All the game characters are also unique in their own ways. A player can also save their game progress as they continue in the game as seen in their new version which has an auto save feature and saves the game progress every 20 seconds.Happy wheels also has many levels. One can choose to create a custom game with a level editor or even to find many levels from the happy wheels user community.

Happy Wheels was created by Jim Bonacci. His driving factor was due to the fact that rag dolls in other rag doll physics games do not die properly. This made the game to be extremely bloody and gruesome. Happy Wheels uses a box2D physics type which only enable the characters to only hold certain poses but cannot however do more complex movements such as walking or climbing.

Happy Wheels being a flash games has gained a lot of users due to its new game play not seen in other rag doll physics game. Happy wheels is in version 1.65 with the notable change of an auto-save feature.The game can be in the official website of Jim Bonacci which will enable you to play a full version of the game or in other sites but only in demo modes.

Happywheels Game
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